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ชื่อหลักสูตร : Creative Thinking in the Workplace

รายละเอียด :

No. of participant  :                20 persons / session


Objectives  :                    At the end of the programs, the participants should understandthe 

                                principle of creative thinking and be able to apply it in the workplace.


Contents  :                   

●  PWC Principle of Creative Thinking in the Workplace.

    (Positive Attitude, Work System, Change for Better Result)    

●  PIEs Factors of Creative Thinking in the Workplace.

    (People Thinking, Input & Process, Environment, Supportive Policy)

●  CREATIVE Technique for generating new ideas.

●  Change  your old belief & assumption.

●  Rearrange your own work & life process.

●  Experience new environment (people, animals, things and places).      

●  Apply new tools & techniques.

●  Take your mind into positive state.

●  Integrate advantages of things together.

●  Volunteer for new challenges & new things.

●  Enjoy and have fun.

●  29 Ways to stay creative.

●  How to transform creative thinking in to creative working.


Training Methods  :      

●  Presentation                                      40%    

●  Workshop                                          60%


Duration  :           2 days



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