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ชื่อหลักสูตร : Gen Y Coaching and Retention

รายละเอียด :

 No. of Participant  :               20-25 persons / class

                                                (Shift Leader, Supervisor, Manager with subordinate)


Objective  :   To understand Generation Y people in aspect of their behavior, the way they  think,and how they work. Things we need to know in order to be a part of their team andmotivate them to work effectively while contribute the good performance to their works.          

Contents  :                 

●  To accept and understand Gen Y’s behaviors

●  To analyze Gen Y’s ability and willingness

●  To create win-win competence sharing among generations

●  To unlock Gen Y’s potentials by DCMD technique

●  Communication guidelines onto  motivating and inspiring Gen Y


TrainingMethods  :       

●  Workshop & Case study                      75%

●  Presentation                                      25%


Duration  :                    2 days

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